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Apr 20

State Budget Finally Completed

Unprecedented and unpredictable really describes much of what went on during the 2012 General Assembly Session, and the Veto Session proved to be no different. During the Session of 2012, highly publicized social legislation put Virginia on the national map and the late-night TV circuit. But almost from the first day state politicians came to …

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Apr 10

Details of Our Proposed State Budget as of April 5th, 2012

As a follow up to the April 10th blog posted by Bet Neale, listed below is a breakdown of the agreement items of HB 1300 and HB 1301. The following summarizes major items of agreement. As noted in the previous blog, salary increases are for state employees, but “local employees”, AKA public school teachers, administrators …

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Apr 09

Monitoring Your Congressional Members Made Easy

You must admit that the 2012 Virginia General Assembly session and meetings provided moments of interest, humor and also incredulity as our GA members wrangled through the myriad of legislative proposals, some of which we now must accept as law. You have been able to track the legislative process through our blog site, personal telephone calls,  and email …

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Apr 09

Budget Woes for Educators….Again!

Command and control; but do not compensate. That appears to be the new state mantra for K-12 personnel. And the news on the compromise budget appears to bolster that view, as previously expressed by the Governor and others, that public school personnel are “local employees” and may be why we learned last week that funding …

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Mar 30

Let’s Talk Budget

Yes, Virginia, it looks like we will have a budget this year – if the House and Senate budget conferees are able to come to a “meeting of the minds” and agree to compromise on differing solutions to balancing the state budget. Conferees on the part of the House are: Delegates Putney, Cox (of Colonial …

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Mar 13

General Assembly Review

  The 2012 General Assembly Session ended amid a flurry of last minute voting on key legislation, amendments to a number of controversial bills and a decision to heed the Governor’s call for a special budget session. Members agreed to take a few days to “cool off” before returning to Richmond on March 21.   After …

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Mar 12

Potential Changes for Our VRS

Just when legislation outlining VRS retirement options seemed on the verge of failure, new amendments appeared on the last day of the 2012 Session. After consulting with key Republican leaders from the House and Senate money committees, the Governor sent down revisions to VRS bills. Some Democrats objected that few members had seen the amendments …

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Mar 08

HB 576 Still Has Not Passed

How often is a bill passed over without a vote for ten days? The answer: not often. But that is exactly what is happening with HB 576, the Governor’s contract bill, which moves the probationary period for teachers, principals and assistant principals from three years to five years and replaces continuing contract with a three-year …

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Mar 05

VASSP Opposition to HB 576 – Contract and Evaluation Policies Legislation

The Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals has made it clear that it does not support the implementation of HB 576 (the Teacher and Principal Contract and Evaluation Policies Bill) as it is written. This bill was developed without the opportunity of Virginia’s education organzations to provide input into the discussion and development of the …

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Mar 02

House Bill 947 Fails

In a room packed with homeschoolers and their parents and, for the first time, public school students, HB 947 failed to be reported. Citing choice, fairness and the importance of preserving competition, opponents of HB 947 told Senate Education and Health Committee members that parents make choices regarding where their children will be educated and …

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