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Nov 30

What Does It Mean to Fail Well?

Building administrators are not immune from making mistakes, committing errors or just plainly goofing up. If you are an administrator and have not committed any of these behaviors, then you must have just taken over this job in the past two weeks. This is the “honey moon” time that most faculties allow for a new administrator …

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Sep 28

Tips for New Leaders

A recent blog caught my attention which looked like and is a good learning guide for new administrators, especially assistant principals who have been promoted in their own building. The blog, “25 Tips for Managing Your First Reports”  was written by Daniel McCarthy and while written for business managers, it has very appropriate lessons for school leaders. …

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Dec 06

Some Thoughts On Leadership

“Look over your shoulder every now and then to make sure someone is following you”(Henry Gilmer). I remember listening to Lou Holtz speak at a national conference about twenty-five years ago. He told the story about being named the head football coach at Notre Dame.  He noted that the President of Notre Dame said to …

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Oct 20

Facebook Controversy in Georgia

Georgia Courts Rules Against Teacher Over Facebook Controversy In August of 2009, the superintendent of Barrow County Schools in Georgia received an anonymous e-mail from a person claiming to be the parent of a student in Ashley Payne’s English class at Apalachee High School.  According to an online blog downloaded from http://blogs.ajc.com/get-schooled-blog/2009/11/13/barrow-teacher-done-in-by-anonymous-e-mail-with-perfect-punctuation/, the following is …

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