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May 31

Standards of Quality?

The Standards of Quality are assumed to represent high quality standards for K-12 public education for all students in the Commonwealth. In point of fact, they represent a minimum foundation. In practice, the SOQ represent a mechanism for the state to fund their share of public education (which must add up to at least 55% …

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Apr 20

State Budget Finally Completed

Unprecedented and unpredictable really describes much of what went on during the 2012 General Assembly Session, and the Veto Session proved to be no different. During the Session of 2012, highly publicized social legislation put Virginia on the national map and the late-night TV circuit. But almost from the first day state politicians came to …

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Apr 10

Details of Our Proposed State Budget as of April 5th, 2012

As a follow up to the April 10th blog posted by Bet Neale, listed below is a breakdown of the agreement items of HB 1300 and HB 1301. The following summarizes major items of agreement. As noted in the previous blog, salary increases are for state employees, but “local employees”, AKA public school teachers, administrators …

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Mar 02

Budget Impasse in the General Assembly

State government almost shut down in 2004 and again in 2006 – but crisis was averted and consensus was reached before the drop-dead date of July 1. We may not be so lucky this year. The last week of the 2012 Session is upon us, and the Senate has no budget to put into conference …

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