October 2011 archive

The VRS and Your Retirement

  Nothing is a “sure thing” these days, including public pensions, which, for the most part, have been considered pretty secure in the past.  The economic downturn has affected all areas of the economy, and states are beginning to look at ways to reduce debt and continue to fulfill their obligations – in ways that …

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Celebrating Leadership Success

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond was the site of a special event for three Virginia school administrators on the evening of October 27, 2011.  The 2011 Outstanding High School and Middle School Principals of Virginia and the 2011 Outstanding Secondary School Assistant Principal who were recognized in June at the 84th Virginia …

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VASSP Board Meeting

The VASSP/VFEL Board of Directors held their fall meeting on Monday, September  26, 2011 in Ricmond. The next scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, January 16, 2012.

Facebook Controversy in Georgia

Georgia Courts Rules Against Teacher Over Facebook Controversy In August of 2009, the superintendent of Barrow County Schools in Georgia received an anonymous e-mail from a person claiming to be the parent of a student in Ashley Payne’s English class at Apalachee High School.  According to an online blog downloaded from http://blogs.ajc.com/get-schooled-blog/2009/11/13/barrow-teacher-done-in-by-anonymous-e-mail-with-perfect-punctuation/, the following is …

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Evaluation Work Group

The Virginia Department of Education has confirmed the middle level and high school principals on the Virginia Principal Evaluation work group:Carolyn Bernard, VASSP President, Principal, Grassfield HS, Chesapeake, Carolyn.Bernard@cpschools.comJanice Koslowski, State Coordinator and member of the NASSP Principal Evaluation Committee, Principal, Potomac Falls HS, Loudoun, Janice.Koslowsk@lcps.orgDavid Ellena, NASSP Board of Directors member, Principal, Tomahawk MS, …

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Virginia Accreditation Report for 2011-2012

Virginia Public Schools Accreditation Report for 2011-2012   The Virginia Department of Education has just released its report of the 2011-2012 schools accreditation. www.doe.virginia.org.   The completed data report provides opportunities for schools to review for planning purposes and to prepare to face new challenges.  Informed and foresighted administrators have already put into place plans this …

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General Assembly Review

The Summer of 2011 It has been a very busy season since the 2011 General Assembly adjourned.  In their wake, politicians left a number of issues on the table if not on the books.  VASSP worked hard to defeat many of the legislative mandates that were left on the table such as expansion of PE, reduced authority …

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Cyberbullying and Public Schools

Kowalski v. Berkeley County While the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on a case regarding cyberbullying and schools, federal district and circuit courts continue to hear such cases.  This past July, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit issued an important decision in a case out of West Virginia.   The case, …

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School Board Staffing Flexibility

  The Virginia Board of Education has provided recommendations that have now become policy by the GA for funds transfer by local school boards to allow flexibility for staffing schools. The policy, on the surface, is much needed and will provide the opportunity to staff schools needing special teaching assignments by using funds designated in …

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The Middle School Years

If you are a parent of a child nearing completion of his/her time in elementary school and if the upcoming change to the next level of public education will be like a step into the unknown, then the title of this blog may be appropriate for you. Try not to worry however, you will find …

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