December 2012 archive

Check In On Your General Assembly

January will be here soon and along with the colder weather in 2013, it also ushers in this year’s General Assembly. Yes, it is that time of the year when our elected state senators and house of delegates representatives prepare to meet, talk, deliberate and in due time put forth legislative actions intended to improve …

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Principal Groups Oppose Arming School Officials

                         National Principals Groups Oppose Proposals to Arm School Officials                    Firearms in principals’ and teachers’ hands might do more harm than good Contact: Bob Farrace, NASSP, Kaylen Tucker, NAESP, December 19, 2012; Reston, VA– In the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, we all feel a desperate need …

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Governor’s 2013 K-12 Education Reform Agenda

The Governor’s office issued a detailed summary of part 1 of Governor McDonnell’s 2013 K-12 education reform legislative agenda. You may access this document at  

Talking To Troubled Students

 In light of the tragedy in Connecticut last week, we need to be certain that we as administrators  equip our staff and schools with all of the tools necessary to help prevent or deal with this disaster. You are familiar with the lock down/building intruder/ non-evacuation drills that are required each year. Unfortunately, you now have …

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Governor McDonnell’s 2% Solution

If you can go back in your memory to your days in chemistry class, you will understand that a 2% solution of any liquid is not a very strong solution. It is in fact, rather weak.  Governor McDonnell is not dabbling in chemical solutions, but rather in a financial one and this solution is rather …

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VASSP Members Involved in Education Policy Development and Announcement

On December 6th, a week prior to Governor McDonald releasing his education proposal, the Education Fairness Act, members of VASSP along with members of VAESP met with Javid Siddiqi, the Deputy Secretary of Education to discuss points regarding teacher and administrator issues.  VASSP members present were President-elect David Elena, Sharon Pope, Eric Brent, Abe Jeffers and Executive …

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Virginia School Board Association Position on Home Schooled Students/VHSL Activities

 This past summer and into the early fall, the VSBA sponsored meetings to share knowledge, perceptions and concerns related to home schoolers participating in high school activities sanctioned by the Virginia High School League. With the expectation that HB947, the “Tim Tebow” bill, or other varieties of  it will resurface in the 2013 General Assembly, the …

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VDOE Shares Strategies for Reducing Math SOL Test Times

High expectations for students, thorough knowledge of the 2009 Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) Curriculum Framework and an emphasis on multistep problem solving and vocabulary throughout the year are cited by teachers and administrators as contributing to the success of students who completed Virginia’s challenging new mathematics assessments in three or fewer hours. In response …

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College Readiness System Tracker

 In Virginia and other states, work and college readiness are the by-words for goals and directions for our graduating seniors. When attempting to explain the criteria for success in either chosen option, the indicators for this success can be vague. A recent blog in Education Week by Caralee Adams, “New College-Readiness Tracking System Under Study” …

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State Board of Education Comprehensive Plan: 2011 – 2016

  Purpose of the Comprehensive Plan The Board of Education’s Comprehensive Plan: 2011-2016 updates the goals set forth in the Board’s previous plan, which covered the years 2007-2012. Building upon the previous plan, the two-year update reflected in this document provides the framework for resources and policy development to continue Virginia’s forward momentum in student …

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