August 2014 archive

Board of Education Listening Tours : 2014-2015

Again this year, the Virginia Board of Education will continue with the “listening tours” in the education regions in the commonwealth. Virginia Board of Education President Christian Braunlich will lead the tours and discussions across the school divisions. The first of the eight-stop listening tours in the commonwealth will be held on Monday, August 25 …

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Suggestions for Successful Classroom Observations

When you consider  the responsibilities for building administrators, among the top three – safety, instruction and student success- all require special attention to detail to produce a positive school climate. Included in the category of instruction is the very important task of the classroom observation and how it does affect student success in learning. Unfortunately, beginning administrators do not always have the …

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Four Leadership Tips That Will Make People Adore You

O.K. Maybe having your staff members adore you is not your end goal, but at least having them trust and appreciate your leadership style is a most worthy goal. In a recent Smart Brief (August 4, 2014), author John R. Stoker lists 10 leadership traits that, from his experience, people really adore. If you access …

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