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March is Middle Level Education Month

 NASSP recognizes March as “Middle Level Education” month and offers resources and materials for middle level leaders on their website. The NASSP middle level publication, Middle Level Leader has as their theme, “Creative Thinking for March.” If you will use the access below, you will see what is available for middle level leaders for your schools …

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Rule of Law Project for Middle School Students

Once again, the Virginia Law Foundation (VLF) and the Virginia Bar Association (VBA) will sponsor the Rule of Law Project in the Fall of 2013 and Spring 2014.  This program for middle school civics classes is designed to enhance the teaching of the rule of law. Materials for this learning opportunity are aligned to the …

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Middle Level Algebra: A Closer Look

Middle school students taking Algebra I for math acceleration and comprehension has been a standard for many years. A recent study, however, from the Brookings Institute in Washington provides data that this policy has not led to higher math scores on the NAEP.  If you would like to review this information, please go to: http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2013/03/27/26mathside.h32.html?tknh=MQUF9:QJWX9OXJNKRZC3i27FL1JYZm6T%2FdhJ&cmp=ENL-EU-VIEWS1&intc=e …

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March: A Time to Celebrate the Magnificent Middle

 March is National Middle Level Education Month, a time to celebrate and recognize the unique learning and social characteristics of middle level students. Patti Kinney and Dru Tomlin posted an early March blog which is posted in the  ASCD  Smart Brief (March 11, 2013).  If you would like to review it, please go to: http://smartblogs.com/education/2013/03/05/8-ways-to-celebrate-the-magnificent-middle/  

March Is Middle Level Education Month

Middle Level administrators and teachers are a special group of educators working with a unique age group of students.  The educational and social needs of the “Tween” years are challenging both for educators and parents and most importantly, the educational time frame for these students is a critical crossroads.  It is important that the social, emotional and …

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