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Say “Goodbye” to No Child Left Behind

It has finally happened.¬† Virginia, along with four other states, has been granted a waiver from the¬†restrictions dictated by the No Child Left Behind legislation¬†that has hampered educational growth and development since 2002. In a recent newspaper article, Dr. Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction in Virginia commented “It’s certainly a long time coming …

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Tenth Anniversary of NCLB: Reason to Celebrate or Commiserate?

GUEST POST: As NCLB turns 10, Superintendent Charles Maranzano (Hopatcong, NJ), provides insights from the front lines about the impact this law has had on schools, students and learning. He concludes that educational issues are “determined locally and solved locally by dedicated professionals who are in the best position to know what it takes to …

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