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Senate Committee Kills Bills Monitored by VASSP

The Senate Health and Education Committee killed two bills that VASSP has been monitoring closely.  HB947, the “Tim Tebow”, bill failed on an 8 – 7 vote and it is unlikely that it will resurface before the end of this General Assembly session.  The other piece of legislation was the bill that would allow public school divisions to open schools when …

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General Assembly Report – January 27

Early Thursday morning, the Senate bill to allow local school boards the discretion to open schools before Labor Day received a “thumbs down” in a Senate committee on a razor-thin vote while the same version of a House bill received an overwhelming “yes” vote late in the afternoon in a House Education subcommittee, setting up …

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Let It Snow..Let It Snow..Let It Snow

Let It Snow…Let it Snow….Let It Snow!   Ah, the announcements on the radios and televisions across Virginia from December through March telling students and staff that schools will be closed due to __________ (fill-in your own favorite reason) offer a respite from the daily/weekly routine.  For many divisions, these days have already been accounted …

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