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Data Driven Decisions Through Testing Under Scrutiny

In a recent blog in the Huffington Post entitled “A Data Driven Argument to Reduce Testing in Schools” the familiar position being put forth in the Commonwealth of Virginia by school officials is getting support.  A report from the National Education Policy Center at Boston College entitled “Data Driven Improvement and Accountability” recommends U.S policy members to …

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Virginia’s Improving SAT Scores

An announcement from the Virginia Department of Education on September 26 brought good news to Virginia educators and high school students for their success on the SAT college admission tests.  The average SAT scores released by the College Board  for Virginia public school graduates rose four points in critical reading, one point in mathematics and two points …

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2013 English and Science SOLS Start New Achievement Trend Line

According to a recent DOE report, the revised standards and increased rigor of the new SOL tests and the results suggest that school divisions will see a drop in pass rates. If you would like to review these results, please go to: http://www.doe.virginia.gov/news/news_releases/2013/jun07.shtml  

Good Principals Do Make A Difference

 This blog will not be a revelation for many principals as you already know that student success comes from good teaching which is derived from good school leadership. It is, however, nice to read this in print and realize that efforts to create positive school climates and support good teaching practices are recognized and appreciated. The …

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Virginia On-Time Graduation Rate Rises to 88 Percent

    Eighty-eight  percent of the students who entered the ninth grade in the fall of 2008 earned  a diploma within four years and of those, more than 55 percent earned an  Advanced Studies Diploma, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) reported  today.  The statewide dropout rate fell to 6.5 percent for the class of  …

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Economic Factors and K-12 Education

I recently came across a strategy paper from the Hamilton Project titled “A Dozen Economic Facts About K-12 Education.The purpose of the project is to encourage development of public policies that are connected to a 21st century education and which foster “ economic growth and broad participation in that growth.”  The authors argue that public …

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Virginia High School Students Earn Microsoft Master Certifications

In an announcement from the Governor’s office on October 4th, the high schools in the Commonwealth  having students that achieved the Microsoft Master Certificates were listed. As  a result of Virginia’s ITA partnership during the 2011-2012 school year: Approximately  45,000 students were enrolled in 28 high school career and technical education  courses that were aligned to …

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Virginia Students Continue with SAT Success

Virginia’s 2012 public school graduates outperformed  their peers nationwide on the SAT college-admissions test, according to results  released September 24th by the College Board. The average reading score of 508 for Virginia  public school students is 17 points higher than the national average. The average mathematics score of 510 for  Virginia public school students is …

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Virginia DOE Announces 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools

The Virginia Department of Education announced Friday, September 7th the names of seven Virginia Schools that are recognized as the 2012 National Blue Ribbon Schools. Among the schools receiving this prestigious recognition are two high schools: Grundy High School, Buchanan Division, Mrs. Leslie Horn-Principal West Point High School, Town of  West Point Division, Mr. Mark …

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Virginia Students Outperform National Peers on ACT

In a recent announcement from the Virginia Department of Education, ACT scores for Virginia high school students continue to exceed their peers nationwide. In addition, while the SAT is still the predominant college admissions assessment taken by Virginia students, the number of seniors taking the ACT continues to grow.  This year, the number of seniors …

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