Say “Goodbye” to No Child Left Behind

It has finally happened.  Virginia, along with four other states, has been granted a waiver from the restrictions dictated by the No Child Left Behind legislation that has hampered educational growth and development since 2002. In a recent newspaper article, Dr. Patricia I. Wright, Superintendent of Public Instruction in Virginia commented “It’s certainly a long time coming and very much appreciated.” (, June 30, Va. granted waiver from No Child Left Behind)

This release from the guidelines created by the NCLB will allow Virginia to concentrate on standards developed for schools in the Commonwealth. “Virginia schools and school divisions can now focus their energy and resources on implementing the state Board of Education’s rigorous new content standards and assessments without contending with outdated and often counterproductive federal requirements and rules,” Wright said. (www.doevirginia/news/news_releases.2012/jun29.shtml)