School Issues Opening Prior to Labor Day Are Not Confined to Virginia

September is near and by September 4th,  all school divisions in Virginia will be up and running for the 2012-2013 school year as expected. The General Assembly members will begin the process for developing bills for the upcoming session as expected.  Also as expected, the school divisions located East of I-95 will once again work toward the opportunity to have the choice of opening before Labor Day for the 2013 school opening.  For all of the issues, angst and rhetoric on both sides of the meeting rooms in the capital chambers in Richmond, it seems that we in Virginia, are not alone in our efforts to thwart or advance this cause in public education.

An August 19 article in the Wall Street Journal, “School in August Gets Low Grades – A move by some districts to reopen before Labor Day is angering parents, students and businesses.”  Sound familiar? It sure does, but this story is played out in legislatures and school divisions across the nation, so we are part of some of the same arguments, frustration and political wrangling that occur in other states.  The article reviews the plus and minus issues of school openings in summer along with comments from parents and educators.

If you would like to review this article, Google “Schools In August Gets Low Grades.”  This article was in the Sunday edition, Section B2 of the WSJ.