When Was Your Last “Ideal Day”?

If all of your days at school are “ideal,” you may just skip this blog and go out into your building and bask in your own personal glow.  If, however, all of your days and the nights when you are still at school for PTA, ball games and other assorted meetings are not “ideal,” then perhaps this small blog entry may help.

A recent blog at Smartbrief on Leadership and Politics  provides a interesting approach to thinking and planning your days at school to be ideal. First, keep in mind that the term “ideal” is a relative one and what may be ideal for me, may not be a slice of heaven for you and of course, vice-versa.

Jason Womack who wrote the blog “Envision your Ideal Day to become more productive” is a workplace-performance expert/executive coach.  He developed this concept as a businessman to direct his own daily routine. Womack recognizes that you need to pay attention to the most important things (MITs) in your day, but plan also for other accomplishments in your day to do creative things within your realm of leadership. He also reminds the reader to not focus on the Ideal Day, but rather, an Ideal Day. Take the time in your daily schedule to sit down, think of your priorities and how you would like plan your day and “forward think” how it should progress.  According to Womack, it takes practice but after while, a schedule that makes your day more productive can be developed.

You may access his blog entry at:http://r.smartbrief.com/resp/dRrsCiovjeCeomwvCidmwOBVxNpK