General Assembly Approves Partial Education Agenda From Governor

Governor Bob McDonnell’s office released an information package on April 3, 2013 regarding his legislative and budget support and results gained during the reconvened General Assembly session.  The House of Delegates and the Senate approved 88 percent of the amended bills sent to the including the “sweeping” educational reforms.  Listed below is a portion of this document in which the much touted educational reforms are briefly reviewed.

“The game-changing “All Students” K-12 education reform agenda generated numerous successful bills focusing on increasing teacher pay – the first state-supported pay increase in 5 years-effectively eliminating teacher tenure in Virginia, improving the ability to reward good teachers and increasing accountability for the small number of poor performing ones, creating a turnaround entity to dramatically improve Virginia’s failing schools and provide a first rate education for all students, creating transparent school report cards to provide parents and educators with clear A-F grades, reducing red tape for local school divisions, supporting teacher innovation and staffing, guaranteeing long-term support for students to achieve key learning milestones in reading and mathematics to strengthen their education, establishing the Virginia Center for Excellence in Teaching, and bringing Teach for America to the Commonwealth for hard to staff schools. This session moves us closer to our goal of ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to learn from a great teacher in a great school, regardless of zip code.”

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