Senate Takes Decisive Action on Unpopular Legislation

 In what could be the stepping stones to change significant education legislation in the commonwealth, the Virginia Senate has take a stand against two of McDonnell’s “hallmark education actions.”  Specifically, two of the previous governor’s legislation that have drawn much criticism from educators and now legislators are headed for futher action in the House of Delegates. 

 On February 5th, the Senate passed SB 324 which would delay the implementation of the A-F grading system to rate schools. The bill, sponsored by Senator John C. Miller, Newport News, was passed in order to find a more meaningful and expansive set of criteria necessary to accurately grade school performance.

 Passed also on this date by a 25-15 vote, was Senate Bill 499 to delay for a year the implementation of the OEI, Opportunity Education Institution.

In addition, Senate Bill 636, sponsored by Senator Emmett Hanger Jr.,  R-Augusta, passed by a 37-2 vote to reduce by 25 percent the number of SOL tests in grades 3-8.

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