VASSP Member Update, January 9, 2023

Articles of Interest

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Ed. Department Updates


In a new blog post, senior leaders from the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the Department emphasize the importance of early intervention services, or EIS, for infants and toddlers with disabilities. 

Also, the Department’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) held a webinar, “Working Together to Support All Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities,” to highlight how federal agencies, state agencies, local programs, and families can work together to support the growth and development of infants and toddlers with disabilities. 

Additionally, OSEP released the first three in a series of resource guides to support access to high-quality EIS for infants and toddlers with disabilities.  The Vision and Guiding Resources guide provides an overview of the initiative.  The Outreach and Family Engagement guide explains the need for outreach and family engagement in the child find process, which locates, identifies, and evaluates infants and toddlers who may benefit from EIS.  The Monitoring, Screening, and Referral guide details how health care providers and others working with infants and toddlers regularly monitor and screen children to ensure they meet specific milestones.  OSEP will make additional resources in this series available this year. Separately, OSEP Director Valerie Williams introduced a blog series that will explain topics of interest related to the office’s discipline and behavior guidance package released this past summer.