Four Leadership Tips That Will Make People Adore You

O.K. Maybe having your staff members adore you is not your end goal, but at least having them trust and appreciate your leadership style is a most worthy goal.

In a recent Smart Brief (August 4, 2014), author John R. Stoker lists 10 leadership traits that, from his experience, people really adore. If you access his article, “”4 leadership tips that will make people adore you,” the author makes it very obvious that “every item on the list is affected by one’s ability to communicate.” Successful school administrators are aware that communication skills, either written or oral, are an important part of developing and keeping a positive school atmosphere.

One question Stoker poses for all leaders is “Do you express appreciation for a job well done to each person on your team at least once a week?”  Good administrators/leaders understand this trait and employ it to promote a positive and productive school climate. Have you examined your appreciation opportunities for your staff?

You may access the entire article at the Smart Brief on Leadership site at: