Suggestions for Successful Classroom Observations

When you consider  the responsibilities for building administrators, among the top three – safety, instruction and student success- all require special attention to detail to produce a positive school climate. Included in the category of instruction is the very important task of the classroom observation and how it does affect student success in learning. Unfortunately, beginning administrators do not always have the skills for this task that is at the core of good instruction. New teachers often need to be led to developing the best practices for student learning and some experienced staff members may need “mid-course” correction  in relation to their instructional practices.

Practical advice is always available and a recent blog in the ASCD Smart Brief is no exception. You may click on the SmartBrief entry attached to review some new thoughts and recommendations for developing or refining your classroom observation skills. The blog title is “Tips for effective classroom observations” in the August 14, 2014 ASCD SmartBrief and is listed as “9 ways principals can improve classroom observations.”